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Top 10 Benefits

Welcome to the home of Navigator Utilities - the "essential navigation tool" for all Excel power users. Navigator Utilities will save you heaps of time and frustration in finding your way around and auditing large (and small) Excel workbooks.

Create Better Spreadsheets 

  • Manage Links and Names like a pro
  • Unprotect password protected sheets and find hidden sheets that you did not know existed
  • Manage comments and other difficult Objects is a breeze
  • Trace complex formulas
  • Improve Spreadsheet Analysis 

  • Identify errors quickly
  • Understand existing difficult spreadsheets easily and quickly
  • Understand existing complex formulas in a second
  • Understand the Input – Calculation – Output flow of the model instantly

    Benefits of using Navigator Utilities

  • New for Excel 2007+ users: Classic Menu and Toolbars
  • Have you moved to Excel 2007 or later and cannot find anything on the new Excel ribbon? You need the classic menu and toolbars.

  • See our top 10 benefits

  • View a list of Navigator Utilities features
  • Navigator Utilities will save you heaps of time and frustration in finding your way around and auditing large (and small) Excel workbooks.

    Navigator Utilities for Excel

    Navigator Utilities has been developed to solve real life problems arising from working as a financial modeller in Excel.

    Navigator Utilities is an essential Excel tool for all financial modellers. It is a powerful tool you can use to understand and manage existing and create new spreadsheets. It will ensure that you are able to analyse spreadsheets quickly and identify errors easily.

    Navigator Utilities is an add-in for MS Excel and has been tested with Excel 2000, Excel XP, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. Navigator Utilities has been tested on both 32 bit and 64 bit Excel.)

    Comprehensive help

    Navigator Utilities comes with a comprehensive help catalogue for every feature and full 24/7 support: support@NavigatorUtilities.com.  We are currently developing demonstrations, worked examples and tutorials.

    Please explore Navigator utilities with a free trial.
    See how our tool is helping companies all over the world.

    Why use Navigator Utilities

    All features in Navigator Utilities have been developed to solve problems arising from using MS Excel in a work environment. It does not contain lots of functions that you’ll never use. It only includes useful utilities that are used in everyday work.

    If you are an Excel power user, or even if you just use Excel every now and then, you will find Navigator Utilities an indispensable add-in to MS Excel.

    Navigator Utilities v3.71 now available - including support for 64 bit Excel/Windows.

    Also available:
    Classic office menus for Excel and Word 2007 and later
    (for 32bit and 64 bit office)

    All the commands you cannot find on the ribbon are now only a click away.

    Navigator Toolbar for Word - free

    Navigator Toolbar for Excel - free

    Download now!

    What others say:

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  • I have been using Navigator Utilities now for a few months and the more I use it the more I love it. It's a great product!
        Rob Egelink, Netherlands
  • Navigator Utilities is the best excel add in, can't imagine using excel without it.
        Michael Sanchez, Financial Analyst Dubai UAE
  • You have done a great job with Navigator Utilities and I'm delighted to be able to support your time and effort in return for a very useful addition to the arsenal of "stuff" that makes my daily working life that little bit easier.
        John Mitchell - Aust
  • It's not just useful, I don't think I could get through the day without it. Thanks for a great tool.
       Alan Bradshaw - UK
  • I think your add-in is superb. It really has helped me and is one of the few shareware products worth buying! 
       AJ Warner - USA
  • I have been using Navigator Utilities for just over a year now to manage multiple large Excel based applications.  The job would have been a nightmare without the features available in Navigator Utilities - I find it indispensable.
       Steve Quinn - USA
  • You have solved the horrible problem of invisible links and names in Excel! Although I learned to use Microsoft's tool for viewing and eliminating links, it was never satisfactory, and trying to work in the little Names box is time consuming at best.  Now that I have Navigator Utilities, all those problems have gone away!  Thank you!
       Patricia Jackson, USA
  • My wife can't understand how, after 15 years of playing with spreadsheets, I still get excited about something like an add-in! I do heavy-duty VBA programming in Excel on occasion, so I think I can recognize quality work when I see it. Navigator Utilities is a quality piece of work, Mark.
       Jim Williams, USA
  • Any one of these four could stand on their own as a solid utility.  Together, they represent an outstanding value and excellent tool for anyone working with large complex spreadsheets. The product is obviously the work of someone who has wrestled with complex spreadsheets.  I have found the Navigator Names, the Nav Find/Replace and the Navigator Link Multiple Link Update to be unique and particularly useful.  I look forward to the continued evolution of the product.
       Mike M., USA
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    Contact: support@NavigatorUtilities.com

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